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Shop Owners FAQ's

Q: I would like to sell my products here, how do I get a Shop?

Designed by Hollywood is a membership marketplace for film and entertainment industry professionals. You can request to open a shop once you are a registered User.

Q: Is registration required to have a shop?

Yes, you need to be a registered User in order to have a shop.

Once you are a registered User, you only need to Log In, and you'll be directed to your account, where you can request to open a shop. The process takes 1 to 3 business days, and while we review your request, you can follow the designers, add shops to your favorites, and add products to your collections.

Q: How much does it cost to have a Shop?

Your Shop is included in the Basic Monthly Membership, and it cots $10.00 a month.  You can list up to 100 products in your shop. We also charge a commission percentage per transaction. You can pay for your membership fee and for the commission fee with your Paypal account.

Q: How much are your transaction fees?

 When you sell a product we charge a flat fee of $0.50 plus a 6.5% commission per transaction. Your listing stays active until your product sells, or your membership expires, whichever happens first.  Please refer to our Fees Policy page to find out more how the fees work.

Q: Why do you charge more than other marketplaces?

Designed by Hollywood is a curated marketplace and unlike other markets, is smaller and more exclusive.   The monthly membership fees and the commission fees are used in marketing your products to a customer that matches our market. We only make money if you do. 


Q: Why do I need a Paypal Business Id?

You need to have a Paypal business or Premier Id to accept payments from your customers in the Designed by Hollywood marketplace. When you sell a product, the payment will go directly from the buyer to your account with Paypal. The commission and transaction fee will be deducted from your acount by Paypal and deposited to us. At the moment we accept only Paypal as our secure payment processor. We are working hard to find other options of payments for our Shop Owners.

Q: How does the checkout process work?

Buyer places product in the shopping cart, and checks out.

At checkout buyer commits to pay for the product and Designed by Hollywood transfers the buyer to Paypal to complete the payment. 

Buyers need to log into their paypal account to pay for the product. Paypal is a secured site and what happens there is a behind the scenes between the buyer and Paypal. 

Upon completion of payment the buyer is returned to DesignedbyHollywood.com. 

An email is sent to the Shop Owner, the buyer and Designed by Hollywood to notify that an order was placed.


Q: Is the site safe?

DesignedbyHollywood.com  uses a SSL - secure socket layer - certificate to keep your information encrypted. The transaction information travels to Paypal encryped, and then Paypal keeps your information secured through their system. 

Q: What assets do I need to set up shop?

You will need pictures of your products, avatar, and banner.  To make sure your pictures are the right size,  please refer to the Image Guidelines page to find out more in detail. 


Q: Do I have to charge sales tax?

Yes. As a business owner you need to charge sales tax, that is the law.  Depending on where you live you may need to charge sales tax and or use tax.  Your shop comes with a feature to add the sales tax to your shop.  Please refer to your local city officials to find out your tax rates.


Q: How do I get my Shop featured in the Homepage?

The Feature Designer Spot on our homepage is curated by our Editorial Team.  We are on the constant looik-out for Designers to showcase on the homepage, so if you are interested in being featured , send us an email with the text : Feature Designer  -in the subject line.  


Q: What if the question I have is not answere here?

Please refer all your other questions to our support team, at info[at]DesignedbyHollywood.com, or Contact page.