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Open Your Shop

Request to be a Seller

 Log in and go to Your Account (located at the top next to your username, in the pink area) and choose from the drop down menu and click on Become a Seller.

The Request to become a seller window will open, and prompt you to enter your details.  It will also ask for your name, your position in the entertainment industry, and your credits page at IMDb.   

Your IMDb id looks like this:  www.imdb.com/name/nm0000.  

You need to add only the numbers after the "nm" part  which looks like this: nm0000

Once you fill up the request form, we will review it and get back to you within 3 business days, so you can set up your shop.

Setting Up Your Shop

 Log in and go to Your Account (located at the top next to your username) and choose from the drop down menu MY SHOP and click on Shop Settings.

Shop Settings:

  1. 1. Shop payment details - Enter your paypal id, in the field and click update.
    This is your account with PayPal, any payments for orders that you receive will be paid directly to your PayPal account with this email address. Make sure it’s current so you can receive payment. Also any billing from the marketplace will be processed with this PayPal id. Hint: paying for membership fees and transaction fees will be processed using this PayPal id.


  3. 2. Shop Details :


    • Shop Name – Enter the name of your shop. This name is different from your user id name. ie: user id is Lucy, and  Shop name is : My Cool Shop

    • URL slug – This name will be instantly added after you name your shop.


    • Can User post comments on items in your shop? - You can choose to allow users to post a comment or not. All users must be registered and logged in to make comments on any product. So you will always know where the comment came from.


    • Shop Slogan – This appears under the name of your Shop on the left hand corner of your shop. Enter the slogan for your store. Ie: Shop till you drop


    • Shop description – Enter a description of what your shop is selling. This appears under the store banner and on the front page when YOUR Shop is featured on the homepage. So write nice words about you and your shop. ie : For the Classy Woman Looking to Dress Smart, ‘cause Life is Short!


    • Shop status – You can choose to make your shop visible if you are ready to sell or invisible if you need a vacation or just got a project in a remote place and can’t tend to your shop, or you just need to clean it all up.


    • Shop under construction message – This is the message that users will see when you set your store to invisible mode. ie: gone fishing!

  5. 3. Shop banner details: This is a banner of your store. Image must be 748 X 100 and not exceed 500KB in jpg, or jpeg formats. Choose the image file from your computer and click upload.

  7. 4. Shop address details: Enter the information where your store is located. This will be the address where the items are shipping from. It will also be the FOB for tax calculation purposes. After you enter the information in the fields click update.

Congratulations, you just set up your shop.

Next Step: Set up your shop policy.