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Managing your Shop

Adding Sections to your shop

Each shop comes with a feature to add sections to your store. Think of it as a way of arranging your products within your own categories. Ie: glass, wood, etc

Go to your MyShop tab and choose Shop Sections. On the right side you'll a link - Add new section - Click on it


A form to fill up the details of your new section will open.

  • Section Name: Type the name you want to give to this section of your shop
  • Status: Select from the scroll feature if you want this section to be active or Inactive.


Click submit.

You’ll see the Section created at the bottom of the page. You can edit it here or delete it.

Repeat these steps to add more sections to your shop.


Editing your products in your Shop


Go to Myshop and click on Shop items.

The top part of the page, shows you the search fields for you to search each product individually. This can be done by: date, name , category, status, sections, etc.

On the bottom of the page you'll see a table containing all your products.


Each row controls a product, and you can choose an action that will affect each product individually.

On the right hand column, you'll see in blue text link : name, price, sales, earnings, status and action.


  • View : The product will be displayed to you in sale mode -as it's showing currently in the marketplace
  • Edit: this feature allows you to edit your listing, change the basic information, price, shipping fee, etc.
  • Delete: take out the product from the shop, and marketplace
  • Duplicate: you can clone this product and a copy will be generated. You can then, review it and edit the information. This is very helpful when you have similar products with slight variations.
  • Set as featured: Clicking on this feature will make the product featured in your shop. This -feature- product will appear on the top part of your shop before the rest of the products in your catalog. You can feature up to 8 products.


If working on a batch, check each box related to the product that you want to apply the actions. Select the function you wish to apply to them, from the scroll menu next to the products table, and then hit submit.
All the products selected will be affected by this action. Or you can do it individually by cliking on the blue text link of each product.


Manage your Shipping Templates

Go to MyShop and choose Shipping Templates Click on Add new Template


  • Template Name: Name your template
  • Template Description: Write a note to yourself of what this is for you.


Click  Save Template

To add the shipping costs to the new template, go to the bottom of the page and look for your new template and click on edit.

Don’t Save the template. IT is already saved.
Under The Template description on the left, you’ll see: Add New Shipping Location.

  • Shipping Location: select from the countries
  • Shipping fee: write down the cost
  • Shipping fee with other items: Write what would be the added cost for additional products within your shop.


Click on Add shipping Location.
Done, you’ll see the location and shipping fees in a field under your add shipping location button.


Working with Attributes

Attributes are required by Google Product Search, and by making sure the right attributes are given to your products, you stand a better chance of being found. When you list your product, there may be some of these attributes that you have to pick from.

The Attributes are:

  • Title – Title of item (no promo text
  • Brand - Name of Brand
  • Condition of the item - (new, used, refurbished)
  • Gtin (UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN) - ie: book ISBN
    ∗ Handmade and custom items don’t require gtin
  • Mpn - (manufacturer part number)
    ∗handmade and custom items don’t require MPN
  • Shipping weight - (lb, pound, oz, ounce, g, gram, kg, kilogram)
  • Gender - (male, female, unisex)
  • Age group - (adults, kids)
  • Color - Blue, Black, Red, etc./li>
  • Size - small, medium,
  • Pattern or graphic print featured on a product - Ie: polka dot, paisley, lakers,
  • Material or fabric the product is made of - Ie: canvas, silk, velvet, lace, wood, gold,