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Adding Products to your Shop

Go to your MyShop tab and look for add items. The window will open with a bar showing: Basic, Price, Shipping.


This is the information for your product

  • 1. Is Downloadable? - Check the box only if your product is not a physical product. ie: mp3, pdf, etc  NOTE: this feature might not be available yet. Continue with the Title of your product.
  • 2. Title - Enter the name of your product. This feature is how your product will be recognized and searched for inside the marketplace, so make sure it's a relevant Name. ie: Short Black Lycra Dress A line.
  • 3. Meta Title - Can be the same as the Title, this is used for Search Engines to find your product  ie: browser search for : black short lycra dress.
  • 4. URL Slug - This is the Title name and will fill in automatically after you type the Title in the Title field. The URL will show up in the top bar. eg: www.dbyh.com/short-black-lycra-dress-a-line.html
  • 5. Description - In the Box describe your product. You can choose to edit the font, and color, etc. Try to give as much information and detail as possible. Let the customers know how your product functions, if there is an inspiration behind it. The size or measurements, how it's made, the materials, etc
  • 6. Short Description - This should be a brief line introducing your product. eg: Black Cotton Lycra Short Dress A line with scoop neck and trim on sleeves.
  • 7. Meta Description - This is another brief description that Search Engines crawl
  • 8. Category - Choose from the category and subcategory where your product belongs. eg; jewelry, necklace. If you can't find a category that fits your product, email us and we will add it.
  • 9. Section Name - If you already added sections to your store, this is where you can choose your sections from the scroll down menu.
  • 10. Preview Type – This is for a link for a product where the image, audio, or video is hosted. This link will open in a new window to see the image, video or hear the audio.
  • 11. Item Tags – These are the keywords that buyers can type into the search bar of our site to look for a particular product. You can use as many tags relevant to your product separated by a comma. Ie: black, blue, silk, tie, striped etc. After you publish your product listing you’ll see the tags featured under the payment methods.
  • 12. Meta Keyword - These are the keywords that the search engines crawl when buyers are searching products on the Internet. You can use the same Item Tags, and or add more. This section increases your SEO chances of being found over the internet.

    Click Save and Proceed


    This next window is to set the price for your product. You have the option to set a set price, and add a discount if you want your product to be on sale.

  • 1. Price – This is the actual price for your product, before any shipping charges.
  • 2. Price after discount – This feature is optional, you do not need to fill this unless you want to have your product on sale. If so you need to set the price after discount of your product. eg: price $100.00 after discount $ 85.00 If you don’t want to give a discount make sure it’s set on 0.00
  • 3. Discount price from date - On the right hand of the box, you’ll see a tiny calendar box that when clicked, pops up a calendar. You can enter your start date when you want the discount to start. eg: March 1 2012
  • 4. Discount price to date – Will also pop a calendar where you can set the date when you want the discount to end. eg: March 15 2012

  • Click Save and Proceed to go to the next set


  • 1. Template Name –Choose from the scroll down menu. Create a new Template.
  • 2. Template Name - If you are planning to ship to a specific destination and it has the same shipping charge, this is where you name your Shipping Template, so you don’t have to do this each time. If this is your first time uploading products you will do this only once. If you have different destinations to ship, then you have to have a Template name for each destination. eg:  United States. Or if you have different products that have a different shipping charge to the same destination, you can name the Template that way. eg: Earrings Domestic, Chair Domestic, and so on
  • 3. Template Description - Type the description of your template, this is for your own use to describe the template eg: This is my template for flat domestic shipping
  • 4. Don’t click anything yet, until you fill up the next section.
  • 5. Shipping Location – Choose from the drop down box the location where you ship to. eg: United States, rest of the world, France, etc.
  • 6. Shipping Fee – Enter the shipping fee. Use only numbers, eg: 6.95
  • 7. Shipping Fee with others – This refers to additional shipping charge, if the buyer would like to purchase two products from your store, and have them shipped together. This gives the buyer the ability to add more products from your store on the same order and not have to pay full shipping fee for all.
  • 8. Click the box Add Shipping Location
  • 9. Go back up to the box that says Save to Template and click it. This will save your shipping details and also add this shipping fee to your product.
  • Your shipping location and fees are present at the bottom of the page where you have the option to edit them or delete them.
    The edit will override the information you have on your product, but will keep the template as you first set it.

    You can watch this video link here for additional help in setting up your shipping templates.


    Click Next at the bottom of the page, to go to the next step


  • 1. Disregard Stock – Check this box if you do not want to keep inventory of your products. By checking the box, the rest of the fields will disappear. Uncheck the box if you want to keep inventory and not sell more than what you have in stock.
  • 2. Stock Available - Type the amount of stock you have of this particular product. This is for products that are available in your shop and you can ship them right away. If your product is a custom made item or made to order, you can leave this as zero. eg; 15 - means you have 15 of the same product
  • 3. Basic Unit per Quantity – Choose from the menu option if your product is by piece, weight, volume etc.
  • 4. Minimum quantity allowed per order – Leave as 0 if no limit of your products. Otherwise if you only sell in quantity, then add the number. eg: 12
  • 5. Maximum Quantity allowed per order – Leave as 0 if no limit, or enter the desired quantity. eg: If your item is a one-of-a-kind enter 1
  • 6. Allow back order – Select this box to allow buyers to purchase your product when you are out of stock, but you know you’ll have more.
  • 7. Back order Text – Write a message, notifying buyers of when you are planning to have the product back in stock, and when you think you might ship the product. eg: Black Silk Ties will be in stock the first week of March and will start shipping after March 15th

    Click Save and Proceed and go to the next step


    Preview Files

    This section is where you load the pictures your products. Allowed image formats are jpg, jpeg, gif, png and Maximum file size is 5MB.

  • 1. Thumbnail Image Details – Image will be displayed (170 X 170). Upload File – Choose the file picture from your computer that you want to use in the thumbnail image of your product. This is the image that shows your product picture on the homepage, in the listing pages, the collection pages, and favorites. It can be the same as your main picture or a different picture of your product.
  • 2. Default Image Details - Image will be displayed  (561 X561).  The default image will be shown in the main item page, after the thumbnail is clicked.
  • 3. Title – This is the name of the picture, by default it will carry the name of your file. So if your image file has a name like IMG_ 4002, that is what will appear here. You can edit it by clicking the edit title link. This will allow you to change the name eg: IMG_4002 to Black Dress. Hit Save Title after you have edited this field.
  • 4. Choose Save - to save the images.
  • 5. Preview Files – Click the green box at the bottom and choose your product images from your computer. You can upload up to 6 pictures of your product, these products are a carrousel under your product and when selected show the different images of your product in the main item window. You can also edit the title of these pictures.

    When you have completed this step, click Next


    View and publish your product listing

    This next step will give you the option to review your product listing, and publish it.

    Click on the button view item to see how your product will display on the main item page. If you are not happy you can go back to the tabs and edit. If you are happy with your listing you can publish it by hitting the publish button.


    Check Your listing on your shop.

    Go to your shop, and the homepage section- Recent Productions - to see your listing. In addition, you will receive an email from us to confirm this listing.

    Congratulations, you have just listed your first product.