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Costume Designer


Timeless Style: Fashion & Jewelery
  • My Bio

    I'm a costume designer for films and television shows.

    I'm based in Los Angeles, California but travel often to design a show. 

    If you would like to know more about me you can see my film and TV portfolio at: portfolio

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  • My Career

     I designed "The Last Stand", starring Arnold Swarzenegger and Forest Whitaker.  We shot in New Mexico and we had so much fun.

  • Filmography

    Some of the movies that people know me for are: Training Day


  • I feel passionate about

    When I'm not designing a show, I pursue my other passions such as:  Jewelry and accessory designing.  Gardening, reading, traveling, and meeting new and exciting friends.

    I'm reading right now: Saving Italy by Robert Edsel

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